Berry Berry Streusel Bars

Berry Berry Streusel Bars

  You know how sometimes you fool yourself into thinking something's better than it is, simply because you want it to be? Or when you prefer to have "less than," rather than none at all? You settle. This applies of course to many aspects of life, but for the sake of an innocent Mitts [...]

Caramel Crunch Ice Cream Bars

  Do you have someone in your life who is a complete and total ice cream fanatic? A person who would eat ice cream every single day...and sometimes do...when left to their own devices? I know you know someone. Is it you? A friend? Someone you love? Isn't it funny how there's always someone we [...]

Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies

Just too good for words. I made these originally for my daughter, AmyRae, because she is crazy...about carrot cake. I'm so glad they were everything we wanted them to be and more. If you have a carrot cake lover in your life, don't wait. Make these. You'll be a hero for (at least) a day. [...]