About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Julie. Welcome to Mitts and Measures. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. I’m really just a home cook who’s had a passion for cooking and baking for a very long time – 50 years and counting – and I’ve always found comfort in sharing my food with those I love. Now I’m sharing that love with you because after thirty-five years of marriage, raising and feeding three wonderful kids (and their friends!), I’m now an empty nester. I live on a large lake in Wisconsin with my husband and two very active, young Golden Retrievers (see them on Instagram) and one small, very old, blind and incontinent Shih zhu mix. Did I mention the latter still reigns supreme?

I mean look at him. How could he not? 🙂 Anywayyy…

The recipes you’ll find here on Mitts and Measures are meant to inspire you. These are my family’s most favorite “tried and trues” and some that I’ve been making for many, many years. I’ll continue to add new posts weekly that’ll include old favorites and new finds, but all of which I feel will warrant passing on to you. My ultimate goal is that you’ll come away with at least a few things that’ll inspire you enough to get up into your own kitchens and perhaps begin some new traditions of your own.

My mother, Edythe, once told me years ago, that if you can find even one great recipe out of a cookbook, the cookbook will have been worth the price of purchase. I don’t think she could possibly have envisioned how many cookbooks would line my shelves today! Mom has since passed but she continues to inspire me daily in so many ways. It is to my mother, that Mitts and Measures is lovingly dedicated.

Sharing my love through cooking… to you,