New York-Style Crumb Cake

Speaking of my tried and true home recipes... here is a family (and friends) favorite I've made a zillion times, that comes from The Foster's Market Cookbook, a wonderful book by Sara Foster who owns Foster's Markets, two café takeout shops in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Most of the pages in my own copy are [...]

Double Chocolate Torte

It is very unusual for me to be thinking of chocolate so soon after my last post raving about Simon Hopkinson's Chocolate Tart. I insist I am a lemon/citrus/anything-other-than-chocolate lover person. So I'm not sure... well I sort of am but think only half of us (ahem) would understand... exactly why this dense, richly intense [...]

Sky-High Strawberry Shortcake

We're not quite there yet, but since we're starting to see early strawberries come into the markets, it made me think of this wonderful little cake I made last spring (2012). It's from Alissa Huntsman and Peter Wynne's cookbook, 'Sky High'; a marvelous little cake cookbook that I have big plans for. I'm going to [...]