Orange Brownies

Here I go again with the citrus, but how can I not share these with you if I know they are truly one of the best regular dessert items at our house. They are exactly as they sound... brownies, with all their wonderful dense and chewy qualities, but with a bright and refreshing orange-y zing. [...]

The World’s Greatest Cookie

Here is a recipe dear to my heart. They may look simple, but besides how quick they are to whip up, they aren't that at all. My mother gave this recipe to me over twenty years ago and swore I'd see these cookies truly lived up to their name. She loved them and she was [...]

Turtle Bars

Chewy caramel, silky chocolate, toasted pecans... see where I'm going? If you want to bite into something extraordinary and come away with a mouthful of all that happy kind of goodness rolled into one, you must have a go at these. From the very first bite when your teeth finally sink down to the rich, [...]