Double Chocolate Torte

It is very unusual for me to be thinking of chocolate so soon after my last post raving about Simon Hopkinson's Chocolate Tart. I insist I am a lemon/citrus/anything-other-than-chocolate lover person. So I'm not sure... well I sort of am but think only half of us (ahem) would understand... exactly why this dense, richly intense [...]

Simon Hopkinson’s Chocolate Tart

The first time I made and tasted this chocolate tart recipe from Simon Hopkinson, the famed British chef and celebrated cookbook author, I almost couldn't believe what I was experiencing. I certainly don't want to offend anybody but I'll was almost like having a religious experience. Really. Not being a particularly huge chocolate fanĀ (As [...]

Nielsen-Massey Chocolate Chip Cookies

I tried to figure in my head once, just how many batches of chocolate chip cookies I've made in my lifetime. I never did come up with a reasonable guess-timate, but I do know that after making (waaay more than a person should ever attempt) lots of different chocolate chip cookie recipes, this is my [...]