Chicken Lombardy

Chicken Lombardy

Update: This was one of the first posts on Mitts and Measures, originally published back in March of 2013. It remains at the top of our dinner favorites list and is popular any time of year. Check it out! Now I'm just going on the premise of my son, Brian, telling me the other day, [...]

Chicken and Mushroom Marsala

We consume an awful lot of chicken at our house. I really don't like to eat red meat and since I'm the cooker, most times I get my way. It's not that I don't like it... or have anything against it per se, but all in all, for health reasons, I like to keep it to [...]

Chicken and Dumplings

When I was growing up, one of my very favorite things that my mother would cook, was her amazing hearty, homey, comforting Chicken and Dumplings. My mother was from the South and I have to tell you... she had this one down. Her chicken broth was always homemade using a whole chicken that she cut up [...]

Thyme-Crusted Chicken Breasts with Sautéed Apples and Cider sauce

To. Die. For. Absolutely crazy-delicious. This is a recipe I got out of the cookbook, 'COUNTRY WEEKEND ENTERTAINING' by Anna Pump with Gen LeRoy, authors of The Loaves and Fishes Cookbook. If that isn't reason enough to give it a try, believe me when I tell can serve this to guests with complete confidence [...]