Orzo with Tomatoes, Feta and Green Onions

Tomatoes....Feta..... I could stop there and that alone is something of a perfect combination, but let's go on...  add in a healthy handful of basil... another of green onions, toasted pine nuts and a pile of orzo... dress all up with an impeccably balanced vinaigrette and w-o-w. You have a combination of flavors so great, [...]

Antipasto Pasta Salad

  Warm weather has finally arrived. Days are getting longer... and I'm finally waking up to color. The gray of winter ice is gone and the lake has come alive with nature and plenty of recreational activity. Mornings have been starting off with a calm tranquility before the action begins. I thought I'd share a [...]

Kiwi-Lime Tart

Kiwi-Lime Tart

I just got back from spending a wonderful few days with my daughter in Chicago. Everything about our time together... I think she would agree... was so absolutely fun and delightful. How could it not be? Shopping... dining at fabulous restaurants... shopping... long conversations... decorating... shopping... staying up late.... loved the theme! Well now that [...]