Brian’s Ultimate Game Day Burger

Well it’s fall of 2013 and once again, the St. Louis baseball Cardinals are in the playoffs! We’re very excited here at our house and to celebrate the last day of the regular season yesterday, we had no other choice than to make Brian’s Ultimate Game Day Burger during the game against the Chicago Cubs.

Brian’s Ultimate Game Day Burger:  A double burger (two very thin patties) griddled and topped with double melted cheese, a fried egg over-easy-and-ready-to-run, a couple of slabs of hot smokey bacon, a slap of crisp lettuce, a couple rings of raw red onion and a heaping glob of freshly made sensational guacamole laced with diced tomatoes…. all layered and fit into a proportionately sized, perfectly moist pretzel bun smeared with mayo, ketchup and mustard. I do have to say, I don’t allow anyone in the family to eat this particular burger except its creator, which is of course my son, Brian. Given his young twenties age and his otherwise very healthy eating habits and fitness regimen, why shouldn’t he be able to indulge in a culinary fantasy every now and then. He takes it very seriously and I’d say he knows exactly what he’s doing. I’ll never truly know what a bite of this tastes like, but I’m going to go “all in” while standing beside him to declare that if we ever open a restaurant, this would absolutely be our “house” burger. We’re convinced it would be our best seller!

Game Day Burger CloseUp B2

Brian's Ultimate Game Day Burger and Brew

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