Brian’s Ultimate 24Hr Game Day Burger


My youngest son, Brian is a twenty-four year-old who allows himself the benefit of age now and then to stray from his normal routine of clean eating and daily trips to the gym. At our house, sometimes this happens with wild abandon and when it does it’s usually pretty incredible. When does it happen? GAME DAY of course. Game days at our house include Cardinal’s Baseball, Packer’s Football, Wisconsin Badger Football and a few not so regular others. However…. as we are the biggest St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball fans on the planet…and today marks the first day of the first round of the playoffs, I’m going to post Brian’s infamous game day burger in celebration. Would I eat this burger in a million years? No, I would not eat this burger in two million years. But Brian does and insists (and I’m convinced) that this is the very best, most incredible burger he’s ever experienced in his life, anywhere. It should be. He “designed” it and from what I can tell, has left nothing out. Simply put, it has everything he loves in and on a burger, but all at the same time. When Brian’s in the kitchen creating, he knows exactly what he wants and goes all out in orchestrating the production. He’s meticulous in his thought process and preparation in planning how he wants his taste buds to hit the various stages of taste at just the right particular time with each bite taken. This is not something he went to culinary school for. It just comes naturally from his big appetite and infectious love of food. Why the “24Hr” in the name? Because after you eat it, you will not need or want to eat again until the next day. There’s enough protein to put your body in a calm, satiated and quiet state for almost the full 24Hrs. (Okay, we rounded up.) Try this or not but if you do, get ready for a super fun, humungous, insanely delicious burger that will be such a hit, it’ll send you and your taste buds…. get ready………”outta the park!”


Brian's Ultimate 24Hr Game Day Burger

Brian’s Ultimate 24Hr Game Day Burger:  A double burger (two very thin patties) griddled and topped with double melted co-jack cheese (or of your choice), a fried egg over-easy-and-ready-to-run, a couple of slabs of hot smokey bacon, a slap of crisp lettuce, a couple rings of raw red onion and a heaping glob of freshly made sensational guacamole laced with diced tomatoes…. all layered and fit into a proportionately sized, perfectly moist pretzel bun smeared with mayo, ketchup and mustard.

11 thoughts on “Brian’s Ultimate 24Hr Game Day Burger

  1. I see nothing wrong with this burger. In fact, I’ll take the one you’re refusing, no questions asked. It’s the egg. One really does elevate a burger in ways no other condiment can. 🙂

    1. lol….so I’ve been told! I’ve never seen quite the same look of contentment on Brian’s face as when he’s biting into this burger. I’m definitely a believer! 🙂

  2. OK I wouldn’t do it but only because I think I’ve already gone to the limit with what I’ll try on a burger and just never want to go there again. LOL! I made a “Luther Burger” that uses two Krispy Kreme doughnuts as the bun, then has bacon and cheese on it. Just. Too much. lol I loved reading about your son and how he creates food to suit him – very neat.

    1. Thanks so much! Oh I’ve heard about those doughnut burgers but then bacon and cheese? Haha… I might take a curiousity bite, but other then that, I do have my limits, so I agree. I must say though, I love watching Brian enjoy these as they are his absolute all-time favorite! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s huge. Even Brian couldn’t get his whole mouth around it, however he somehow manages because there’s not ever a morsel left when he’s finished!

  3. I put a fried egg on a burger a few years ago after watching Paula Deen do it on TV and it was incredible! This burger here looks great! It’s one I’m definitely going to try.

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